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CookeComputers Thanks to Woolden Hill Primary School for their recent donation. http://t.co/55KUT6H0qm
CookeComputers Registration has begun for #BeginnerRaspberrypi. If you interested, if you over 18 and unemployed, come and visit us. http://t.co/z2ScK3oZ8g
CookeComputers Check out our latest #PCStock @CookeComputers. They all have #Windows7, Dual core processors, with 2GB RAM. http://t.co/TTyrgKvnZ3
CookeComputers Happy birthday #WorldWideWeb you are yow 25!! http://t.co/0ZwqV0Tafa
CookeComputers Looking for cheap #PC or #Laptop for Christmas? Come and visit us and get £15 off voucher. http://t.co/syjjL4959z

Welcome to Cooke Computers a friendly computer service in the heart of Leicester. Cooke Computers is a division of the Cooke E-Learning Foundation.

We offer a range of affordable tablets, laptops and computers. We also repair, recycle and refurbish computers for families, organisations and businesses on a limited budget. Whilst also providing work experience for people looking to enter the I.T. sector.

Whatever your I.T needs are, we can make I.T work for you.